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My name is James and my personal statement is to be:


A goal-oriented, team player in a digital marketing and communications position that focuses on building brand awareness and maximizing conversions on digital marketing investments.

Please review my projects, skills, and upcoming blog post where I convey my ideas about Digital Marketing and the value it brings to an organization.

Skills are listed below


Digital Marketing Skills

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Paid Advertising

Promotion of content or products online through paid marketing strategies on social network channels

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Email Marketing

A marketing strategy that involves sending targeted emails to a group of recipients with the goal of building and maintaining relationships, promoting products or services, and achieving specific marketing objectives

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Copy Writing

crafting persuasive written content for marketing, advertising, or communication purposes to engage and influence an audience.

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Campaign Management

Planning, executing, tracking, and optimizing marketing campaigns or projects to achieve specific goals and objectives.

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Lead Generation Funnels

Structuring marketing processes designed to capture and nurture potential customers (leads) through a series of steps or stages, with the goal of converting them into paying customers.

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Data Analytics/Analysis

Process of examining and interpreting data to discover valuable insights, patterns, and trends for informed decision-making and problem-solving.

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